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Customizer FAQ

Step One - Download Your Illustration

Download the illustration from the link we sent you via email. Once you open the link, click on the 'Download' button at the bottom right hand corner of the image.

Note: Don’t take a screenshot of the illustration since this will negatively impact the quality of the printed product.


Step Two - Upload Your Illustration

Once you're ready, upload your illustration to the product customizer.



Step Three - Stretch Your Image Onto the Product

Once the photo is uploaded and added into the frame, it will automatically have white borders.Please stretch the photo all the way to the edge of the print area by clicking and dragging the “toggle” button.

If you receive a warning message, just disregard it as long as you properly downloaded the illustration from the link we sent you. Our illustrations are well-suited for a 12x16 frame. The resolution will be slightly lower if you print to a bigger size. But don't worry, it will still be good quality upon printing. Rest assured, if we see any resolution issue once we receive your order, someone we will reach out to you.


Step Four - Sizing Your Image For Canvas Prints

Please note that there are three rectangles that appear when sizing your image on canvas. The inner ring represents what you will see from front on, the middle ring represents what you will see on the side, and the outer ring represents what you will see on the back. Please see below for how this will look when you receive your final product.

Mockup Canvas

Image Positioned On Inner Ring

Image Positioned On Middle Ring

Image Positioned On Outer Ring



Step Five - Customize The Product

You may also add text to the print by using the “Add Text” option in the Customizer.